The administration of Bučovice Castle assigned the garden architect Ing. Martin Krčma a task of conducting an architectural survey "The Concept of the Renovation of Garden Architecture in Bučovice Castle .
and appointed a team of experts to work on the survey. The members of the expert team lead by Ing. Martin Krčma were Ing.Olga Krčmová , Ing. Stanislav Boček and MgA. Miloslav Fekar. A large characteristic and typology of the Renaissance garden concentrated on the renovation of the graft planting in the Castle garden in the most authentic Renaissance shape that would respect the historical reference.
Martin and Olga Krčma succeeded in finding the best solution, inspired by Renaissance principles, typology and morphology, as they are known from the examples of the European garden art of that period. The proposal consists of the following parts:

- Entrance space of the garden with the bower . The wooden bower by Miloslav Fekar is the dominant feature of this area. It is a specific art object overgrowing with the rambling green vegetation
- The main ornamental parterre (four parterres in the centre of the garden in the Renaissance style)
- The graft planting (on the both sides of the main parterre a collection of old fruit specimens cultivars - the selection of specimens cultivars made by Stanislav Boček)
- Grove (the area composed of the "tiergarden" - game preserve park)
- Green towers (massive wooden construction by Miloslav Fekar meant to grow over with rambling greenery in a garden palace style)
- other areas: Bastions, the area in front of the Castle, the south-side patio, the north-side patio. The consultants of the architectural survey "The Concept of the Renovation of Garden Architecture in Bučovice Castle" were: Prof.Dr. Jiří Kroupa,CSc; Ing.Václav Tetera,CSc; Mgr.Ondřej Zatloukal; Ing.Přemysl Krejčiřík,PhD.; Ing.arch.Dušan Riedl,CSc.

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