Miloslav Fekar creates sculptural and architectonic objects for exteriors and interiors in both urban and countryside environments, parks and gardens. He also designs unique functional architectonic elements on residential buildings - garden buildings, specific wooden buildings, arbors, pergolas etc.
Perceiving his sculptures as elements with which he can create different ambiances he groups them freely in different ways. His installations are meant to enrich the chosen locality by the group of artistic objects.
Fekar calls these objects sculptures despite the fact that they do not express human figure in the first plan. However, its relation to human corporality is expressed among others also by the possibility to be ´occupied´ by a human person - the size and the shape of most of the objects allow the spectator to enter the object, sit on it, hide in it and so on. This way the bystander becomes part of Fekar´s creations and brings a human aspect to it. Therefore the author naturally prefers to present his works in the public space. Miloslav Fekar creates spacious sculptures since1996, when he started concentrating on plastic art enabling by its dimension communication with human body.

In the very beginning these plastic objects were sort of sarcophaguses of feelings that were supposed to show inner space of the sculptures with the possibility of closing it and making invisible again. As the time went on, the message of shutting human feelings grew in something more general- communication with the animal essence of being. He started creating sculptures of some unknown pre-creations that are invisible to the spectator because the author presents only its fragile shell.
In order to emphasize this feeling in 2002 he places the light inside of the objects: its purpose is to stress the inherent part that is invisible. As the opposite of this organic communication Fekar also creates objects and sculptures of the constructional character in order to physically enter or surround oneself by the defined space. .
These two positions of sculpture production enable him to create large exhibition projects for public space. For each specific location a new specific composition with a new specific content is being created.
Fekar entitled his two sculptural projects "Wandering" and "Shape and Light". When using the sculptures for installations in private or public space he always strives for creating a unique meditative composition.

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