Miloslav Fekar creates sculptures and architectural components, both interior and exterior, for a variety of settings. His work can be found in city centres, open landscape, parks or gardens. Additionally, he creates unique, functional architectural components & sculptures for the domestic environment. His work is typically on a large scale and reflects the geometry and dynamics of the materials he chooses. Miloslav combines characteristics of sculpture in architecture, and architecture in sculpture. The resulting work is both bold and light at once. The work of Miloslav Fekar is typically constructed from Oak. Massive pieces of wood are firmly connected with pegs & secured by small stakes(, a highly sustainable construction method). Miloslav also works with stone and metal. Within spaces such as gardens and parks Miloslav draws attention to segments of space, emphasising the individual character of each area. He enjoys working in partnership with architects and landscape designers. Partnership work in architecture and landscape design Fekar is frequently approached by architects and landscape designers who are seeking original design solutions. Architectural sculptures are then produced which consider the space in which the work will be positioned, as well as the interaction with the viewer. Time spent with the architect or landscape designer commissioning the work is therefore of invaluable in the development of the art work.

Architects and landscape designers work in partnership with Miloslav Fekar on architectonic and garden projects. They usually approach Fekar when searching for an original design solution for a building project or landscaping arrangement. Fekar´s works always fit closely with the design of the space that surrounds the piece of art and influences its impact on the spectator - therefore the studious composition work with architects and landscape designers is important. Only the right arrangement of the architecture, the artistic element and the surroundings (for example a garden) is able to bring a feeling of harmony and so enhance and elevate that the individual components of the composition. In the "partnership work with architects and landscape designers" section several projects can be found; some of them have been implemented, some of them are at design stage. . Miloslav Fekar creates sculptural and architectonic objects for exteriors and interiors in both urban and rural environments, parks and gardens. He also designs unique functional architectural components for residential buildings as well as mobiliaries, original benches, seating sites for public space, arbors, various wooden buildings, garden temples, pergolas, bridges, conservatories etc. In his work, Fekar always strives for his characteristic combination of sculpture and architecture. Typically, his work is influenced by the dynamics of the materials he uses, as well as it's innate geometry to produce large scale art work. Despite it's size the end result is an almost graphic like appearance. The artwork is often constructed in Oak, using traditional joining methods. Miloslav Fekar works on elements of space segmentation in garden and park projects.

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